When You Don't Have Time for Lunch

When I have a full day of massages booked, I have 15 minute breaks between each session. I need things that can be eaten quickly, with next to no mess, and enough protein so that I don't feel like I'm starving halfway through the next session. Since I'm gluten-intolerant, the traditional American sandwich just doesn't work for me. Salads are nice when you have time to sit down to eat, but they kind of fail on the no-mess front. A thermos of soup comes a lot closer, if you have some left over from the night before.

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I was compromising with various brands of energy bars, but these are mostly highly processed milk and soy protein and high-fructose corn syrup... not exactly a good substitute for a meal.

Made from buffalo and cranberries, Tanka Bars are gluten-free, nitrate-free, msg-free, and hormone-free. Made in America by Native American Natural Foods. (This is not an affiliate link - They don't offer an affiliate program, I'm just very happy with the product.)