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You are in charge of how you feel.

Our society often promotes an unhealthy expectation that as you age, you naturally become uncomfortable. One of the most powerful messages basic relaxation massage can give to the world is you don't have to feel bad.
David Palmer, TouchPro Institute

Neck Work in Indian Head Massage

Recently, after a long interval without massage, I got a brief chair treatment. Such relief! After 18 years of study, I still don't understand why massage is such an intense sensory experience -- only that it is, and that it matters.
Paul Ingraham, Vancouver, Canada,

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a seated massage that is ideal for seekers of mental tranquility. Ideal for those times when you are having trouble turning off the brain for a while. Many clients report that it is also helpful for headaches, eye strain, TMJ and neck pain.

Indian Head Massage

Head Hands and Feet

Head Hands & Feet: Balance and Serenity

If you prefer massage on the table, I offer a 60 minute session on the table which focuses on the head, hands and feet. These are the areas with the greatest nervous system innervation. Your relaxation is not interrupted to roll over, and you only need to take your shoes off.

Head, Hands and Feet Massage

Fijian Oil Massage

This is a style of massage, performed with the client on the floor, that I just learned from Christyn Rittenhouse this year.

The relaxation effect comes about from paying attention to physical sensation until you find yourself able to engage fully in the present moment. For many people, it is a doorway into the meditative state.

When my schedule is in waiting list mode, I unfortunately do not have any openings for these services, and they will not appear on the pricelist or booking page.

DIY - Meditation and Movement

Massage is not the only way to relax, of course. Sitting meditation and gentle movement practices (such as Taiji or Yoga) are highly recommended as methods of integrating body, mind and spirit. I think it's important to have a balanced diet of touch, stillness and movement to stay resilient in the face of stress.

I find that for myself, more structured forms of meditation, dedicating a day to taking long walks, and gentle movement exercises (such as Taiji or Yoga) are my preferred methods of integrating body, mind and spirit.


Visit my CU DIY Wellness site for videos and tips on meditation and movement.

Quiet contemplation, where feeling and awareness of being replace the incessant thought stream produced by the ego...
- Master Yang Yang