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Head, Hands & Feet for Balance and Serenity

Head Hands and Feet Massage

A full table session devoted to the areas that will maximize relaxation. When you are mentally stressed and just need to turn off your brain for awhile, this is the ideal massage. Reclining on your back on the massage table, receive attention to the areas of your body with the greatest nervous system innervation. No need to disrobe (other than shoes and jewelry).

Head Hands and Feet Massage

Focusing therapeutic touch where the body is most sensitive to tactile stimulation.


This is an image of the cortical homunculus, which represents how much attention the brain pays to different parts of the body. "The amount of primary somatosensory cortex devoted to a body part is not proportional to the absolute size of the body surface, but, instead, to the relative density of cutaneous tactile receptors on that body part. The density of cutaneous tactile receptors on a body part is generally indicative of the degree of sensitivity of tactile stimulation experienced at said body part." (wikipedia)

In plain English, this means that spending more time working on areas the brain pays more attention to is likely to be even more relaxing than a massage that spends most of the time working on areas that it pays less attention to. In the end, relaxation happens in the brain.

Head Hands and Feet Massage Happy Feet Massage in our Upstairs Massage Room

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure in the form of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, percussive and vibration techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints, rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. It promotes general relaxation, improves blood circulation and range of motion, and relieves muscle tension.

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At various points in this massage, I integrate lymphatic drainage which uses very light pressure strokes along the paths of the lymph vessels in order to move accumulations of fluid. It especially benefits the immune system and can be very helpful if there are conditions such as sinus congestion or puffy ankles.

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When I find knots, I will encourage them to release with gentle myofascial spreading strokes. As the purpose of this massage is relaxation and stress management, if the knot is not ready to release, I will move on rather than compromise the rhythm of the massage or cause pain. If your concern is to aggressively slay knots, the targeted knotwork massage might be a better choice for you.

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Relax, Destress and Breathe

Lotion is used in foot massage. Please let me know of any allergies you may have to lotion ingredients. The lotion I use is mostly unscented, although it does have some herbal and essential oil ingredients, from Natural Formulations, a small Chicago-based company: Ingredients in MCL Ultra-Glide Massage Creme Lotion.